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SAFA | Saudi Aviation Flight Academy Welcome to Saudi Aviation Flight Academy (SAFA). Our interactive website is designed to give you detailed information about our pilot courses, facilities, our staff, and information on admissions.

SAFA is an approved GACA Part 141 pilot training academy with ultra modern facilities contained in a purpose built university style campus. At SAFA, we use state-of-the-art training aircraft and flight training devices (aircraft simulators).

At SAFA, we have combined the culture, energy and excitement of aviation to ensure that each student experiences a dynamic and rewarding environment from the first day of class. SAFA’s training will set you apart from others trained under traditional flight training principles. We provide each student with not just the “stick and rudder” skills of an airman, but with the ability to make complex decisions. We ask our students to be personally responsible and, above all else, disciplined in, preparation for employment as professional pilots, or if they wish, as private pilots flying for the pure enjoyment of flight or to further business objectives.

Our newest program; the Upset Prevention and Recovery Training Program (UPRT) is the only one of its kind in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. SAFA has partnered with Aviation Performance Solutions (APS) of Phoenix, Arizona, the global leader in UPRT, to provide you the best on-airplane program available. SAFA has taken delivery of a new Extra 330LX aerobatic aircraft, our highly trained and standardized UPRT instructor is now on board, and classes have commenced.

I personally invite you to explore our website, to consider the challenge of learning to fly. That you may, through hard work and personal commitment earn the title of “Captain”; the accomplishment of a lifetime that will allow you to engage in an exciting career in the lucrative and thrilling field of aviation.

Wishing you the best,
Captain William Roe
SAFA, Managing Director

  • SAFA | Saudi Aviation Flight Academy
  • SAFA | Saudi Aviation Flight Academy