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SAFA uses all brand new Diamond Aircraft Industries GmbH DA40 NG & DA42 NG Aircraft. The DA42 NG has a maximum speed of 178 knots (205 mph) and the DA40 NG is 157 knots (181 mph). Diamond Aircraft airplanes have an industry-leading safety record. All SAFA fleet will all be certificated and registered in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia by the General Authority of Civil Aviation (GACA). Both aircraft are powered by modern-day diesel engines, which run on Jet-A fuel, which is available at all airports in the Kingdom, so fuel shortage is never a concern and allows SAFA to ensure no discontinuing of training due to the unavailability of fuel which plagues other flight schools. Additionally, both aircraft are turbocharged and water-cooled so the hot ambient temperatures of the region will allows allow SAFA’s fleet to stay airborne when other aircraft may be grounded due to poor performance. Combine these features with an all air-conditioned fleet and we hope you recognize a distinct advantage to performing your training with SAFA. Most importantly, SAFA chose the Diamond product line based on safety, performance and the fact that they possess the most modern technology today.

SAFA has its own state of the art maintenance facility where our fleet of airplanes will be maintained in accordance with Diamond Aircraft engineering requirements as well as GACA requirements.

SAFA will be a Certificated Repair Station in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, so if you choose to buy a Diamond Aircraft, SAFA can provide after sales maintenance support.

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