SAFA | Saudi Aviation Flight Academy


SAFA uses all Diamond Aircraft Industries DA40 NG & DA42 NG Aircraft for its Pilot Training Programs and EXTRA330 LX for its Upset Prevention & Recovery Training (UPRT) Programs.

  • DA40 NG (New Generation – Single Engine Aircraft):

    Whether you are new to aviation or a seasoned IFR pilot, the DA40 NG is the pilot’s sophisticated first choice. The DA40 NG is designed and developed by pilots passionate about flying. The powerful Garmin G1000 cockpit provides the pilot with a variety of helpful information just right at your fingertips. This single engine aircraft DA40 NG has a maximum speed of 157 knots (181 mph).
  • DA42 NG (Twin Engine Aircraft):

    Equipped with two sophisticated 170 hp Diesel powered AE300 engines, the DA42 NG sets new standards for ecology in aviation while delivering impressive results in performance, handling and costs. The capable Garmin G1000 cockpits make flight planning and plan changes in the air less challenging. The DA42 NG has a maximum sped of 178 knots (205 mph).
  • EXTRA330LX :

    SAFA utilizes the EXTRA330LX Unlimited Category Aerobatic Airplane to deliver its Upset Prevention and Recovery Training. (UPRT) The EXTRA 330 LX has an extraordinary operating evelope of +/_ 10 Gs, which creates an exceptional margin of safety while conducting UPRT.

  • SAFA | Saudi Aviation Flight Academy
  • SAFA | Saudi Aviation Flight Academy